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Looking For Free Things To Do In Adelaide?

Adelaide is a cultural hub full of free and fun activities to enjoy. Whether you are traveling with children, as a couple or on business you are sure to find many wallet-friendly options to keep you entertained.

This article covers our top five free things to do in Adelaide and are all within close proximity of the Holiday Inn Express Adelaide. For ease, we have included walking directions and public transport routes from the hotel to the places on this list.

Adelaide Botanic Gardens

The majestical Botanic Gardens of Adelaide are as beautiful as they are historical. Located less than 2 kilometers from Holiday Inn Express Adelaide, they are well worth a visit. Dating back to the Victorian era, they offer up some of the finest landscaping in South Australia. Spending time wandering around the fragrant rose gardens and absorb the wonders that more than 60,000 plant species have to offer up.

There are many conservatories and pavilions that date back to the Victorian era. The glasshouses play home to many specimens from the tropics and the waterlily pavilion allows you a few moments to lose yourself in true tranquillity. Guided tours of the grounds are always available and visiting the gardens is free.

Walking directions from Holiday Inn Express Adelaide 1.9 km

Head north on Blyth St toward North Terrace for 120 m

Turn right onto North Terrace for 800m

Turn left at Pulteney St for 10 m

Turn right onto North Terrace for 450 m

Walk 160 meters to North Terrace

Stop Tram Adelaide Railway Station, board BTANIC Tram, arrive every 10 minutes from Adelaide railway station on North Terrace

Stop Tram University

Walk 450 meters into Botanic Gardens

The Jam Factory

The Jam Factory is home to many artists who create amazing pieces every day. Located in the art precinct of the west end just 3 km from the Holiday Inn Express Adelaide, you can wander around different workshops while artists are busily creating their next piece. Glass, metal, furniture and ceramics are divided into four different zones.

One of the top attractions here is the viewing platform that lets you watch craftsmen blow glass. While entry into the Jam Factory is free, those who want a private tour can do so for just $5.00. The on-site shops sell the wares created at the Jam Factory and helps support the artists. The art gallery shows the local crafts at their finest and the whole experience is completely immersive.

Walking directions from Holiday Inn Express Adelaide 3.3 km

Walk South on Blyth towards Hindley Street 30 m

Turn right onto Hindley street 300 m

Turn right onto Morphett Street 46m

Turn left, destination will be on your left 51 m

National Wine Centre

Everyone enjoys a glass or two of the special grape juice, but how many of us actually know the process of vine to wine? The national wine centre is the perfect place to see the process in action. The entire complex is based on education and helps promote South Australian wine production and is within walking distance of the Holiday Inn Express Adelaide.

You have the choice to wander around at your leisure and learn more about extraction, fermentation, bottling, grape growing and the like. There are also free guided tours that allow you to truly understand what goes into making a good bottle of wine. If you fancy yourself as a connoisseur, then you will love this place.

Walking directions from Holiday Inn Express Adelaide 2.0 km

Walk North on Blyth Street 170 m

Stop D North Terrace Side, Bus 281, 10 min (4 stops)

Stop 1 Botanic Road – North West Side

Walk 5 min 400 m

South Australian Museum

Located on North Terrace just 700 metres from the Holiday Inn Express Adelaide, this magnificent museum is well worth a visit. The French-inspired architecture is one of the countries most visited cultural centres. With more than 3,000 aboriginal artefacts, it holds the largest indigenous collection in the world.

The museum also has features including cultures from the Pacific, ancient fauna and fossils, Egyptian artefacts and a whole host of Arctic explorer objects in the Mawson collection. Explore ancient weapons and modes of transport and gain a better understanding of how the country was shaped before the arrival of explorers many centuries ago.

Walking directions from Holiday Inn Express Adelaide 700 m

Walk north on Blyth street towards North Terrace 120 m

Turn right onto North Terrace 450 m

Destination will be on your left

Outback Heritage Museum

Nothing is more Australian than the Outback, and this museum celebrates the Outback in all of its fashion glory. R.M Williams Australian Outback Clothing and Boots can now be found on just about every continent and this museum lifts the lid on the life of R.M Williams himself.

The interactive museum allows you to hear his words while he talks about how life used to be. You can also see how boots, saddles and other iconic Australian clothing is made. Many of the artifacts at the museum have been donated by previous visitors and customers. These range from horse saddles, clothing, boots, whips and more. Step back in time and embrace the very beginnings of this world-renowned brand.

Walking directions from Holiday Inn Express Adelaide 5.9 km

Walk about 7 min , 450 m

Use caution - may involve errors or sections not suited for walking

Head south on Blyth St toward Hindley St

Turn left onto Hindley St

Turn right onto King William St

Destination will be on the right

Stop W2 King William St - West side

Bus G10 Blair Athol 13 min (15 stops)

Stop 14 Prospect Rd - West side

Walk about 2 min , 170 m

G10 from Stop W2 King William St - West side

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